The Q Parker Legacy Foundation is committed to the mission of using family engagement and social empowerment to strengthen families throughout the City of Atlanta to generate stronger communities; a stronger City; stronger foundations for greater good.


QPLF envisions a society that values strong family engagement and social empowerment as the foundation for shaping better cities that lead to safer environments, where socioeconomic development and unity thrives.


  • Strong Families: Whether the nuclear (traditional) family; single-parent family; communal family; extended family, and, or the blended family, QPLF acknowledges that all and entire families benefit from building strong foundations centered in “care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect and trust.”
  • Social Empowerment: Our team understands that individual and collective social work strengthens relationships and affirms authority that makes room for greater self confidence
    and progressive action.
  • Community Collaboration: The work of engaging families is a collaborative practice that involves understanding the community as experts and a firm support and extension of family.
  • Greater Good: QPLF believes in collaborative efforts benefiting the entire community as opposed to work that only benefits self.
  • Love: According to social activist and author bell hooks, love is defined as “care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect and trust.” QPLF subscribes to hooks’ definition of love and incorporates it into each part of our work.


“Engaging Families for Stronger Communities, a Stronger City, Stronger Foundations, Greater Good.”